Advance Candidate Training 

Have you ever envisioned yourself running for office but did not know where to start?  

Most programs that “train” you place emphasis on political philosophy and fundraising instead of experiencing firsthand what running an election is like.


We are the only training that runs an experiential model.  This makes us unique because we train you through practical application of campaign principles taught at the hands of experienced political leaders and campaign managers.


Developing opportunities for our future leaders in grassroots and political office is our passion.

This is why we are the most accessible, cost-efficient program, as our nearest competitor is over $600 more expensive. This is also why our trainers accomplish in 9 weeks what our competitors take over 26 weeks to accomplish.  

You should not be tied down while the fight for your freedom is out there waiting for a new champion! 


It’s time for a change!  It is time for you to join the Advance Candidate Training! 

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