Advance Campaign Training 

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Have you ever envisioned yourself running for office or leading a winning campaign but did not know where to start?  

Most programs that “train” you do not actually have you experience firsthand what running an election is like.


We are the only training that runs an experiential model. This makes us unique because we train you through practical application of campaign principles taught at the hands of experienced teachers, political leaders and campaign managers.


Developing opportunities for our future leaders in grassroots and political office is our passion.

This is why we are the most accessible and cost-efficient program.

You should not be tied down while the fight for your freedom is out there waiting for a new champion! 


It’s time for a change!  It is time for you to join the Advance Campaign Training! 

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Leon Thornton, 27J School Board Director

"I attended the Advance Campaign Training class May of 2021. Taking what I learned from the class, I launched a successful campaign for the 27J School Board. I highly recommend this class! We covered every aspect of running a campaign: campaign organization, state filing and finance reporting requirements, messaging, fundraising, speech writing and delivery, digital media, and much more. We also conducted a mock campaign, which was a great learning experience, was lots of fun, and helped me jump into the real world of campaigning to become an elected official."

Ben Reynolds, Campaign Manager

"The Advance Campaign Training has given me the tools, knowledge and connections needed to run a successful campaign.

The structure of the class makes it easy to retain the curriculum and helps me anticipate potential issues that could arise during a real campaign.

The instructors are knowledgeable, genuine, and care about providing quality education to the class.

I have, and will continue to recommend this training."

Hieu Nguyen, Adams County Assessor Candidate

"I wanted to run for office, but I was overwhelmed and confused about what steps I should take. Luckily, a friend directed me to the Advance Campaign Training.

My instructor was knowledgeable, thorough, and always available to answer questions. This nine-week course was well-structured to help people like me prepare for what I’ll be facing in a real campaign. 

Overall, the training has helped me gain a new sense of confidence and campaign literacy as I embark on a run for Adams County Assessor. 

If anyone wants to run for office, the Advance Campaign Training is the first thing you need to do!"